Friday, November 9, 2012

To the Temple I Will Go...

So I started out writing about the longest text message in history when I decided I had better write an e-mail instead, then I realized I didn't have everyone's addresses and was too lazy to find them. So, I remembered, hey we have a family blog! This is my thanks to everyone for the beautiful letters and supporting me in my temple journey.

I doubt that any of you will ever really understand how much it means to me to have you all coming. And I mean ALL of you. Whenever I talk about my brothers and sisters I mean my in-laws too; I just don't consider you in-laws, most of you have been with me for the majority of my life! And Elyse, don't think I'm leaving you out! You have been very special to me in the few years I've known you and I'm so glad you found Brandon and joined our family.  I love you all so much.

I've never told any of you, but my deepest wish has always been to be able to be in the temple with all of my family. As I sat outside the temple for each of your weddings, that was all I thought about; when it was my turn, everyone could be there, and that made it easier for me to wait outside. Nothing seemed so important and full of joy than for us to be together in the Lord's House. I want to thank you all for sacrificing to come and fulfill this desire. 

When Mom surprised me today with all of your letters I couldn't believe it and was really grateful for your love and making this that much more meaningful for me.  It's hard for me to explain, but one of my trials in life is feeling like I don't matter much, and reading your letters helped me feel like I do. 

Getting the go-ahead from Heavenly Father to prepare to go to the temple was a miracle in my life and continues each day as I experience the renewed feelings I had of the promise of added protection and blessings by preparing to go.  I feel so blessed to have such incredible examples in my life in each of you, all of you amaze me in so many different and unique ways. The good qualities I posess are in large part from a desire to be like my big brothers and sisters.  Our family is truly unique in our unity and love. Thanks for always taking care of your little sister. 

I love you all forever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Top Ten

Gogo and Grandpa are finally home and we have missed them tremendously while they have been gone. Here are our Top ten Reasons We Are So Glad To Have Them Home:

10. We have loved you and missed you dearly. You give great advice and always give us a spiritual lift.

9. Retreat just isn't the same without you.

8. You give great hugs.

7. No one makes cobbler quite as good as you do.

6. I had a reason to make coconut-balls again.

5. This picture is much prettier with Mom in it. (it would be even prettier if Elyse was in it too. I will have to Photoshop her in.)

4. Now Coug can finally meet Grandpa Potter.

3. Chad has someone he can beat at Perudo.

2. We no longer have to worry about you getting tick fever.

And the Number 1 reason why we are glad to have you home again

-Nuff said

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just 3 weeks from today!! Can't wait to see everyone! Especially Dad & Mom!!!:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anyone trunky???

Is anyone else out there as "trunky" as I am??? It's ok to say they've already got their itinerary so they can't extend now!!!!:)